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Bio наращивание волос Торонто

девушка с био-ленточным наращиванием волос
Как мы изготавливаем наши биоленты?

Have you ever noticed how the models featured in fashion magazines or TV advertisements always seem to be the World’s Best Hair Award nominees? You may have attributed the almost-surreal length of their perfectly smooth and lusciously lustrous manes to footage editing; or you may have wondered whether they all share a gene pool with Rapunzel. 


Well, we’d like to let you in on a little secret. The key to their lengthy manes is not necessarily genetics or special effects. The reality of the modern beauty industry is such that most models, movie stars and beauty influencers make use of hair extensions. At this time, this is the only way to get instant results and defeat those indeterminate forces of nature that prevent our locks from growing past a certain length despite our best care. 


Now, if you have very fine, soft hair, finding a suitable extension type may prove to be a struggle. Such locks are extra-delicate, and should be treated with care. When improperly applied, glue or wax used in regular extension methods can become too harsh for thin strands, or show through fine hair. 


But we’ve got good news for those of you who wish to keep your beauty secrets well-hidden. There is an innovative method that has been making waves in the fashion world. It’s gentle, there’s no tape or glue involved, and the resulting bonds are barely detectable.


So if you wish to impress your colleagues, friends or significant other with a gorgeous mane, but without the discomfort or worries about visible bonds, let me introduce you to your new best friend - the nano ring hair extension method.


What are nano ring hair extensions, you ask? Well, as the name suggests, this method uses so-called “nano rings” (miniature metal beads) to keep extensions attached to thin strands of your natural hair. The rings are so tiny they are essentially weightless. They don’t create excessive tension that is the main culprit behind physical discomfort and may lead to the shedding of fine hair. 


Each extension strand has a small wire “shaft” at its root. This “shaft” makes extensions lighter, and helps your own hair remain highly mobile even with the donor strands attached. At installation, both the shaft’s tip and the natural strand that will be supporting the extension are inserted into the nano ring. After this is done, the ring is tightly clamped shut with the help of pliers. That’s it! Your natural locks do not need to be braided, glued or waxed prior to the ring application to keep the donor strands attached. The end result is almost completely indiscernible to the eye, and holds extensions in place with a firm grip. As with other methods, though, I emphatically advise you against any sort of hair pulling.



A nano ring extension link measures only about 10% of the size of a micro link, which spans about 3 mm in its inner-ring diameter. With a diameter measuring an incredible 0.3 mm (think the size of the tip of a pen in front view), the nano link is by far one of the tiniest bonds out on the market. The “nano” in its name is certainly well-deserved. Hence it is such a perfect fit for those with very fine, wispy hair.

bond size of nano ring vs micro ring



Typically considered to be one of the most subtle extension methods, nano rings are easy to camouflage even in fairly thin hair which  might expose some of the larger types of bonds.


Larger bonds of the above-mentioned variety may also be too cumbersome and uncomfortable for those with delicate hair, whereas nano rings are tiny and almost weightless. Nano rings will exert less pressure on your natural locks, greatly reducing the risk of hair loss for those with thin hair.

Nano ring hair extension installation doesn’t involve the use of chemicals or adhesives. While these may not harm regular manes, thin hair is much more fragile in structure and should be handled differently from hair of a thicker and sturdier constitution. Likewise, acrid solutions or hot temperatures are not needed for the nano ring removal. Instead, all it takes is some properly-applied pressure on the bonds, and your hair is free (don’t try this at home, though)! Thus, nano ring hair extension application is usually the safest and healthiest option for those with very fine locks. 


If an extension strand happens to be too heavy for the natural strand it is attached to, the nano ring will allow it to simply slip off, without yanking out your own hair and damaging it in the process.



The nano ring method is considered one of the safest hair extension techniques currently out on the market. The small, lightweight rings aren’t a burden on natural locks. Those with soft, extra-fine hair will also undoubtedly appreciate the remarkably gentle nano ring removal procedure, which does not entail the use of hot tools or any sort of alcohol-based products.

That said, please keep in mind that any type of hair extensions, including this one, must be fitted and removed by an expert technician with the appropriate qualifications. Nano ring extensions may be safe, but they still require proper care and handling. You can achieve outstanding results and wear time if you follow our daily care routine recommendations, and leave your nano ring maintenance and removal to professional hands.



Here’s a quick summary of all the main points that make the nano ring hair extensions a method worth considering.


This technique makes use of the smallest extension bonds that involve tiny rings instead of adhesives. The rings are very light, and will feel comfortable in your hair regardless whether it is thick in texture, or wispy and delicate. And due to their tiny size, nano rings can easily be concealed among your locks, so the onlookers won’t suspect a thing even if your natural mane is thin. 


A nano ring attaches each extension piece to its supporting strand of natural hair with the help of a small wire shaft that tips each extension strand at its “root” end. As a result, your natural locks will retain the ability to move and flow freely, without placing undue strain onto the hair follicles.


Nano ring removal is very gentle as well. Bonds are compressed by the technician, effortlessly releasing your natural strand and the shaft of the extension piece, without exposing your crown to high heat or chemicals.


When properly cared for, a nano ring extension set may be reapplied multiple times without the need for extra hair bundle purchases, saving you some of that hard-earned money. For this reason, you may find it worthwhile to invest in better-quality extension hair that will look and feel great, and remain in a reusable condition for a very long time.


Since we only use high quality Remy hair for our nano ring extensions, the donor strands will not only look like a natural part of your mane, but will lend themselves well to styling, too. So you’ll be able to use your favourite tools (such as curling irons or straighteners) just as you normally would, without the need for excessive amounts of sprays or foams to maintain your coiffure in great shape.


Ever wanted to experiment with different hair colours, but worried that constant bleaching or dyeing will severely damage your locks? Nano rings can help out here, too! With their aid, you can apply extensions of any tint or hue, and remove them as soon as you get bored of a look. No need to harm your hair with dyes and constant colour touch-ups to keep your crown exciting and fresh! And the high-quality hair we offer at our studio will not only be hand-picked to match your natural texture, but, with correct care, will last long and bring you joy for months.

nano ring russian hair extensions


Hair extension longevity greatly depends on the quality of purchased hair, as well as on the care it receives. Extensions installed at our studio may last up to a year or longer with proper care and regular maintenance. 


To learn more about the correct daily extension care routine (such as washing, brushing or appropriate bedtime hairdos), you can check out our other posts in the suggested reads section at the end of this article.



Of course. Custom-crafted extensions are our specialty. At Berenice’s Hair, we offer real human hair, ordering only from those suppliers whose products have been tested for quality. Real hair is the best option to be used for any kind of extension methods or procedures, including nano ring. Remy hair extensions are the only type utilized at our studio, because any other sort makes severe tangling, matting and extreme frustration unavoidable.


“Remy extensions” is the term for natural human hair that has not had its cuticle layer stripped away, and where the cuticles of all strands are aligned in one direction. Misalignment of cuticles happens if some of the hair in the bundle has been turned “the wrong way round”, and its ends are where its roots should have been. In such cases, the cuticles of properly-oriented hair will get caught in those of the reversed strands, causing snagging and awful tangles. Such mixed hair is not considered “Remy”, and may harm your natural locks. Whereas Remy extension strands are all correctly oriented, and have a luscious, soft and healthy appearance that looks amazing and blends well with natural hair. 


When crafting extensions, we approach each case individually. Your hair’s unique characteristics, such as length, density, structure, texture and condition are all taken into consideration. We manually mix various shades of hair, so that each strand matches your natural locks perfectly. As a result, the final look and weight of our custom-crafted extensions will ensure a comfortable wear and a seamless blend with your natural mane.

nano bead hair extensions before and after


At Berenice’s Hair, we offer two types of nano ring hair extensions. The first type includes Premium European hair, and the second kind utilizes Custom-Crafted Premium Russian hair extensions.


New Set of Extensions:

We calculate the cost of each new set of hair extensions for every client individually. The price will depend on two factors: the value of the materials (namely extension hair), and the service fee.


For an approximate price estimate, you may use the table below.


European Nano Ring Extensions:


1. Materials:

  • 16 inch hair extension cost: $500. Includes 125 pieces of 16" premium European hair. Best For: Clients with average thickness hair wishing to add length and/or volume.

  • 20 inch hair extension cost: $625. Includes 125 pieces of 20" premium European hair. Best For: Clients with average thickness hair wishing to add length and/or volume.

  • 24 inch hair extension cost: $750. Includes 125 pieces of 26" premium European hair. Best For: Clients with average thickness hair wishing to add length and/or volume

2. Service Fee: $200. The service includes extension fitting.



1. Materials:

  • 16 inch hair extension cost: $300. Includes 75 pieces of 16" premium European hair. Best For: Clients with thin to average thickness hair wishing to add volume.

  • 20 inch hair extension cost: $375. Includes 75 pieces of 20" premium European hair. Best For: Clients with thin to average thickness hair wishing to add volume.

  • 24 inch hair extension cost: $450. Includes 75 pieces of 26" premium European hair. Best For: Clients with thin to average thickness hair wishing to add volume.

2. Service Fee: $100. The service includes extension fitting.

Custom-Crafted Russian Nano Link Extensions:

1. Materials*:

Length / Price per 100 gramms

Russian Premium Hair

40 cm / $550

45 cm / $575

50 cm / $600

55 cm / $625

60 cm / $650

65 cm / $675

70 cm / $700

* The price may change according to the specific length and weight you require for Full-Head or Half-Head application.​

2. The service fee: Full-Head $350 / Half-Head $175. The service includes custom extension tipping & assembly, and extension fitting.




Maintenance session: Full-Head $350 / Half-Head $175.

This price includes removal and extension reapplication.


Extension removal: Full-Head $100 / Half-Head $50

Procedure time: 2 hours for full-head, 1 hour for half-head.

In case of severe tangling in the root area, more time may be needed. Every 30 minutes on top of the indicated procedure time cost $25.


If you are interested in determining the exact cost of your procedure of choice, we will be glad to help you in person at our studio. Still hesitating? No need, as the first consultation is always FREE and with no obligations!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Still have questions? Visit our FAQ page.

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